Annapurna Round, Nepal

  In November of 2014 I flew halfway around the world with one of my closest friends...

We landed in Kathmandu and began our planned journey to The Annapurna Circuit the following day.  Over three years later, I am taking that journey again.  I am so unsure of why I have avoided looking at these images, let alone edit them.  Just the same, I’m unsure of why I became so teary and felt so much heart ache when I did. Maybe it has to do with the state of mind I was in at the moment of these images’ capture. Maybe its how happy I felt in the moment of new beauty, or the people I was so lucky to share the beauty with. I saw so much in such a short amount of time, felt genuine human generosity, and met and trusted hundreds. An unimaginable trip with lovely humans, who I feel  I have let down.  I left OUR memories that you trusted me to take and keep and share inside this box.  At first perhaps it was sensory over load, then maybe my life got complicated, followed by busy. After that The Memories felt heavy and intimidating with their size and magnitude. Scary even.  I have avoided them with my excuses of hard drives gone bad, a computer with a full memory, my new images taking president, laziness. A while back I felt I needed to look into my past four years.  My mind fell to these photos, these moments. I ordered a new hard drive, reorganized, and now I have nothing else to use as procrastination. Now with tear filled eyes, and the excitement and fear I know Joe and I both shared upon landing in Katmandu and that first bus ride; I am inviting all of you to join us on that trip I took once upon a time. I only can hope that its not too late for all the right people to see.

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