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       I spent my childhood in a small rural town in Illinois.  I spent my time roaming the cornfields, exploring the forests in my back yard, and making play houses of broken barns.  My father tailed us, without our knowledge, photographing many of our various excursions.  The photos of these expeditions, became my memories.  I grew a little and began photographing my own explorations from the rural dirt roads to the people on it; then further down that road I found myself in the great American West living out the dreams of my youth.  I find the inspiration in the things rendered mundane, meloncoly; I like to glorify the commonplaces as much as the magnificent, and respect the land that allows us to roam it.   It now seems I have a photo documentary of my life, and going through the millions of photo memories its almost as exilarating as it was living it the first time.  I hope you can enjoy the beauty as I have and remember to take full advantage of creating and capturing all the memories you can stand.  

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